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Gosnell mulls stopping curb-side trash pick-up service

Gosnell mulls stopping trash service

Saturday, October 14, 2017

By Greydon Williams | Courier News

During this month’s Gosnell City Council meeting, Mayor Don Marshall announced that next month a resolution will be presented to the council for the purpose of eliminating curbside trash pick-up by the city.

Marshall stated that the city could no longer afford to provide this service and added that he has looked into an alternative.

The plan would be for the city to provide four dumpsters at the city shop for city residents and the fees for trash drop-offs would be $50 for a trailer load, $25 for a pick-up truck bed load and $5 for a single item.

Citizens of Gosnell who do not have access to a trailer and are in good standing with Gosnell Water Association, will be able to make arrangements with the city to have their items picked up for a higher fee - trailer loads will be $60, truck bed loads for $35 and single items for $10.

The council also passed resolution no. 195 for a 3-mil tax on the city.

Marshall also mentioned that a drug store will be coming to the city and that more information will be released at a later date.

Councilwoman Teresa Walker asked if the city was making plans to address the traffic problems at the school. Marshall answered that Councilman John Pate, Chief of Police Darrell Watkins and himself are currently speaking with the school to reach a solution.


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