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Gosnell Accepts Matching Grant

Gosnell Accepts Matching Grant

Friday, July 14, 2017

By Ruby Vaden | Courier News

The Gosnell City Council held an abbreviated meeting Tuesday evening to discuss a new $15,000 grant, as well as the ongoing bidding process on the “old sewer pond” land. “Resolution 193 is a matching grant that will allow us to upgrade our communication devices for our police and fire department,” Mayor Don Marshall said. “Darryl Grissom has collected quite a bit of money for this cause…roughly $15,000 and this grant is going to match that.” Marshall also expressed his gratitude for the donations. “I don’t have a list of everyone who has donated money for this, but there has been a lot of money given from the citizens of Gosnell as well as surrounding areas,” Marshall added. “I would like to sincerely thank everyone for their contributions so that we can proceed with this much needed upgrade.” The resolution was adopted unanimously. The council also discussed the ongoing bidding process regarding the “old sewer pond” land. “As we discussed during our last meeting, I would like to bring up the old sewer pond land again…we have had two more people show interest in the land since last month, so I would like to know what you guys would like to do with this land,” Marshall replied. “Do we want to leave it as is, auction it off or continue waiting?” Members of the board chimed in with the possibilities of placing the information on Facebook as well as waiting. Councilman Eric Blount brought up the option of exploring what type of zone that the land could be sold as. “This is not a time sensitive situation…and our zoning ordinances has a list of permitted uses for industrial and agricultural lands…so depending on what the buyer would like to do with the land could also help us with the selling of the land,” Blount said. “Because it’s not a time sensitive situation, let us continue to use time to the best of our ability to capture the best return that we can off of that land and not rush into just getting rid of it.” The board agreed with Blount and decided to continue to wait and see in hopes of more interest being shown in the land before deciding to sell it. “That sounds like a good idea, Eric…to sit on this idea for a little while longer just to see what will come of it,” Marshall stated. Finally, Councilman Eric Blount brought up the subject of pavement overlaying and chip sealing for several streets within the city. “There is some money out there that is available for overlays and Senator Dave Wallace has mentioned that we would be a great candidate for that, “Blount stated. “Kathy, I know that you’re on that?”  City Clerk/Treasurer Kathleen Hunt-Cross stated, “I have already applied for the monies available in the sum of roughly $100,000…if we are awarded these monies, we will receive it in about two years because the whole process is about two years behind.”


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