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Gosnell Works to Fight Mesquitoes at the Source.


The Region 8 StormTEAM has the skeeter meter at a nine out of ten, and one area community is fed up and now doing what they can to fight them off. The city of Gosnell is giving out mosquito larvicide tablets. They're called Z-Kits. You drop them in areas where there is standing water and they kill the larvae before it can become adult mosquitoes. The tablets were donated to the city by Clarke, a mosquito control company. And City Clerk Kathleen Hunt-Cross urges citizens to take advantage of them. “With the mosquitoes as bad as they are this year, we recommend that everyone come and get some of these,” Hunt-Cross said. “It would help prevent as many mosquitoes as there is right now.” Hunt-Cross said there aren't a lot of tablets left, but they're still free while supplies last.

You can stop by the Gosnell City Hall to pick some up of the tablets.

Shelby Smithson
Posted: 07/06/2018 9:44 PM
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Kathleen Hunt-Cross