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The Kindness of Rocks - Gosnell Style

Gosnell Rocks

We moved by the therapy of painting, hiding, and finding rocks. The joys of seeing a smile when someone has found a rock is fulfilling. Invite whomever you choose and post all of your ideas, finds, and rocks to the Gosnell Rocks' Facebook page.

A big thanks to Madison Walker for taking the initiative to brighten the lives of people in the Gosnell Community.

Breath deep. Take in the air.










Small towns like Gosnell, Arkanas create a great sense of community. A morning stroll along Airbase Highway on the Gosnell Walking Trail can create a peaceful morning. A hot cup of joe at a local hotspot like Shipley's Doughnuts can be the perfect start to your day.

Tis the summer season, and our furry ones love to explore.

Keep me safe.



As the days get warmer, I love to roam free. As my friend, make sure I stay on a leash or in an area where I can roam safely. I'll also need fresh water several times a day if I have to stay outside. The sun can be hot on my fur, please make sure have shade to rest in. 

Glen Teeter