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Gosnell Police Department

police car with flashing lights

Communicating with 911 operators in an emergency can be difficult. Often, traumatic events cause a stress response that makes it difficult to communicate with emergency responders during emergencies. Smart911 allows operators to view and relay your address, medical information, and other information that you choose to provide to emergency responders. This information can be crucial to the response time of emergency personnel. After a 911 call is placed and disconnected, Smart911 allows you to communicate with operators via text message in instances where you are unable to talk on the phone.

Contact us for information on sex offenders in your area, or explore the link below.

Arkansas Sex Offender Registry

307 S Air Base Hwy. Gosnell, AR 72315
(870) 532-8545

For Emergencies Dial 911

Andrew Wyles

James Haynes

(870) 762-2243